Teacup and Pocket Size Porns

I hereby hope to help clarify the myth about the above. Thereis no such thingas a pocket.tea cup or miniature Pomeranian.There is only one variety of the Pomeranian and that is called a Pomeranian! The word “Toypom” is used by the general public,but this breed is actually called “Pomeranian”. Pomeranian does not refer to a bigger size and Toypom to a smaller size – no! These tiny little dogs are all Pomeranians. The ideal weight of a fully grown Pomeranian,should be between 1.8 kg up to 2.Skg, accordingto the KUSA (Kennel Union of Southern Africa) Breed Standard for Pomeranians. This is the size of Pomeranians that I strive to breed, as I show my Pomeranians and they must conformto the Pomeranian Breed Standard. Beware of dogs much smaller or much larger than this – they might not be what you were looking for!Sometimes we do breed dogs that are not within this range ( a bit less or a bit more), but definitely not more than 300g to either side. (Not less than 1.Skg and not more than 2.8kg.)

There are many different “looks” of Pomeranians for sale,which are not correct. Please beware of Pet Shops or Unregistered puppies where the parents and/or registered papers are not available for viewing.The size of the parents would give you a good indication on how your puppy would eventually turn out to be. All Puppies are cute and small,but how would you know what the puppy would turn out to be when fully grown,if not seeing the parents and/or the papers? If you can’t view the puppies or visit the breeder ,ask for copies of the parent’s registered documents. At least you would know that both parents are registered,purebred Pomeranians.

The correct litter size of a Pomeranian bitch,would be between 1-3 puppies. If a Pomeranian bitch has more than 3 puppies at a time,it might be a bigger bitch than 2.5 kg.The weight of an 8 week old puppy,can be something between 400g to 1kg,both extremes,with 600g to 800g as a ‘normal’weight for this age. Less than 400g,or more than 1kg,Iwould say is not normal. (Please keep in mind that only one puppy in a litter,might grow faster than 3 puppies and his birthweight might also be more than if there were 3 inthe litter) Please beware of advertisements where it states ‘teacup’or ‘pocket size. Most of the times these words are used to catch the attention of an unsuspected buyer.A registered reputable breeder would not use these words to selltheir dogs.Some people even sell their dogs at the age of 5 weeks and tell the unsuspected buyers that the puppy is already 8 weeks old!So please be very.very carefulwhen buying a small size puppy…