Weight of Puppies

A normal healthy puppy’s growth between the first and thi rd week, should be SO to 100 per cent of its birth weight each week. The growth to 4 months is much more ra pid, but between 4 months to 6 months,the growth isslower. However, since I’ve incorporated the American li nes into program, some of my pups grow very fast in height and length until 6 months. They then only gain some more weight and an average 6 month old pu ppy can be expected to increase its weight by about one-fifth by the time it is 18 months old. A year-old dog wi ll increase its weight by about one-twelfth.

 An easy tip to use to determine the approximante adult weight of a puppy:

  • Tripple your puppy’s weight at 8 weeks to get an estimate adult weight or
  • Double your puppy’s weight at 12 weeks to get an estimate adult weight.

The above is just an average and not the a lpha and omega. Please refer to the birth weight cha rt underneath if you want to calcu late your puppy’s probable weight when chart is unfortunately only available in pou nds and ounces, so Ihad to change it to grams and kg’s. Ibel ieve it to be correct

• Weigh your puppy.
• Look along the li ne of figuresagainst the number of weeks of its age.
• Take the figure nearest to the present weight of the puppy.
• The expected adult weight of the puppy wil l be that given at the foot of the column i n which the figure nearest to its present weight occurs.

• Weights before the age of 8weeks are lia ble to be in-accurate. From the age of ten upwards, this chart be remarkably accu rate, but may d iffer from puppy to puppy …

 The weights of Pomeranians puppies vary considerably at birth average pu ppy weighs something between 90g

  to 130g -sometimes as small as 60g and sometimes as big as 1SOg is also ‘norma l’!The of puppies at birth is seldom any indicat ion of the size they wi ll eventually grow to, especially if the puppy isan only one. However, the weight of a puppy at ten weeks, doesgenera lly give a reasonable ind ication of its final weight when using the PUPPY GROWTH CHART below.