Potty Training


There are 2 ways of potty training your puppy – Paper Training and/or Outside Training. I will explain both:
Your puppy will most probably choose to use an old newspaper in stead of the tiles in your house.They are starting with basic paper training here where Iraise them.That means,very close to their beds where they are sleeping,Iput some newspaper. Puppies willnormally NOT go where he is sleeping,so he will walk straight unto the paper and do it there. You can move the paper or training pad every day a bit further away from its sleeping area, to a place where he is eventually allowed to do. Keep the top or second top one,so he can smell his own wee.

He will most probably use this during the times he is unable to take him outside ( for instance at night!) The second method is norma potty training outside. 1mmed1ately start to potty train to go outside.

Your puppyis ‘ke a chid – after eats,sleeps and romps around,it is going to need to potty! if youleave the door open allthe time for the puppy to go in and out as he wants to,he would NOT know the difference between outside potty andinside potty. Keep the door closed when heisinside and TAKE HIM OUTSIDE every 2 – 4 hours.That 1s the only way that he would know and learn the soon he would learn the acceptable routine inyour household!

Good luck!