Males make better pets

Many people think that sexual behavior is exclusively male domain. In fact intact females are generally more moody and emotional than males. Intact females’ heat cycles will be a regular issue to deal with. Hormone 3 week long period and females at times may not appear their best. Seasonal heats can be a 3 week long periods twice a year.¬†

Males do make the best pets! They are more affectionate and loving.more willing to please,devoted and they are trainvery fast. They are normally more beautiful a llyear round,with much more coat. (Most dog TV-stars are males.because of this fact! Males who were neutered early between 5 to 7 months (not earlier, not later!) usually don’t even raise their leg urinate, and won’t display behaviour like humping and marking.They need to be neutered BEFORE they know they are a male and start doingthe ¬∑marking of terntory’ that they will do BECAUSE they are a male. Neutering at this young age takes that away from them and should prevent starting to mark territory.Males are very attached to their owner tend to be more steadfast and less moody.