Diet for your Pomeranian Puppy

I recommend any good quality puppy food, that you can get from yourlocal vet or petstore. Please try to buy the best food that you can afford – Pomerania are tiny dogs and don’t eat that much – so it won’t be too difficult to maintain your puppy’s good health!

“Some excellent Eukanuba Puppy, Hill’s Science Diet puppy and Montego puppy.”

that I do recommend are Royal Canin mini Junior, Vet’s Choice Puppy.

Soak the dry puppy pellets in hot water. Mix with your puppy tinned food.You may also try to the tinned food with the pellets dry. Sometimes they just prefer the dry mix above the wetted food! Give 3x daily up until 16 weeks and make sure your puppy is actually eating.

Thereafter twice daily,wet or dry. Not
to carry on with the tinned food. After 12 months Good quality Adult dog food. Whenever a puppy refuses to eat. look out for any symptoms like diarrhea or vomiting. If in doubt,take it to a veterinarian immediately.  Gastro (or any illness) can be fatal to a small puppy. Be sure your puppy actually eats at each meal. When not eating at least 3 times daily untilthe age of 12weeks,they may experience low blood sugar, called hypoglycemia. Please read the information about hypoglycemia – it just might save your puppy’s life.

Remember their bellies are small and only hold a small amount at one time, so frequent meals are important. Feed the best foods avai lable and your dog’s immune system be sturdy well into its old age. Pomeranians don’t usually eat much, so you won’t go broke by feeding them the best you can afford. You probably save money, because good nutrition now,will prevent system possibly vet bills) later on in life. Do not feed your puppy table scraps.
They do not contain the nutrition dogs need and it will a lso get them in the habit of begging at your table.

Foods NOT to feed your Pomeranian
Did you know onions could cause seizures in dogs? Onions contain thiosulfate which causes hemolytic anemia in dogs. Thiosulfate levelsare not affected by cooking or processing.

Garlic a lso contains thiosulfate but in a lesser quantity.

Do not feed GARLIC. ONION or·…., _ CHOCOLATE to your Pomeranian.
Dogs enjoy bones,but they should be given with caution. The bones should be large enough not to break up and splinter,as this could be dangerous.

CHICKEN BONES must NEVER be given to dogs – they can too easily be swallowed whole and may entrance to the stomach or the intestines,sometimes whit fatal results.